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November 20, 2016

Using Roux Variation for Peppercorn Sauce

Post by Virg


This morning, I am thinking about a roux “roo”, and something I have not had for ages for dinner, a peppercorn sauce.  This handy culinary technique noted back in France for hundreds of years, serves us well and is a foundation to build upon. A simple mix of butter and flour. Heated, blended and smoothed is a to create sauces, soups, gravy.

In Cajun cuisine it is made with bacon fat or oil. Darker in color and has a richer flavor. It a great to have a whisk on hand for this.
What the roux will do, is provide a rich base that has thickening power. You can tweak your roux to suit your needs. More or less, let it simmer and thicken, it is up to you.
This was a fantastic discovery for me personally. From this, I could make a peppercorn sauce, which I love.

In a small saucepan, melt the butter (35g) on a low heat.
Add chopped onions and let simmer until they carmelize, giving a bit of colour as well.
Add green peppercorns, usually I find them sold in a bottle of brine. I also crack some black peppercorns in to it, this can make it uncomfortably hot if you add too many, which I have obviously done. Trial and error to suit your taste.
Gradually add some flour. This will thicken it.
I use full cream 1/2 litre or half pint whatever your measure comes in.
Let it simmer on low, it will thicken and the key comes next.
After you have finished pan cooking your steaks, you pour an oz or so of brandy in to the frying pan. Use a wooden spoon to stir all the brown juices that may have dried in the pan in to the brandy. This part goes very quick, your pan is hot from your steaks.  Swirl it around and get the beef flavour in to the brandy. Pour it in to your sauce, it adds colour and flavour. Voila, pour it over your steak, I slather it over mash potatoes  because I love this sauce! Its like an orgasm in your mouth.

Mangez bien.